Many doctors have more than one place of practice.  This presents a new set of inter-practice requirements.  Secure access by personnel from one site to the other while not compromising security requires specific network design.


TCS Medical can install inter-site Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) that leverage the internet to provide a secure tunnel between geographically seperate locations.  From a computing point of view the resulting network behaves as if there was no physical distance.  These VPN's are "self repairing" - so that in the case of a break in the internet connection the VPN electronics re-establish the tunnel as soon as the broadband is restored.  The VPNs work on a secure connection system provding the initial security level - on top of which the computer connection to the server is additionally password protected providing a second security level - and finally the clinical managment program also requires password to access patient information.  The first two security levels are configured within the network, allowing the authorised user to simply "log in" to the clinical manament program in the usual way. 

Multi Location Practices

10 Tips for Practice Computerisation

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My practice has been completely computerised and maintained for over 9 years and we have found them and the services they offer invaluable.

Dr. Claire McCarthy - General Practitioner, Cork