In this section you will find an overview of the type of products and services we are able to offer.  Not all practices require the same and we are happy to tailor a solution to exactly meet your needs.


Practice computerisation involves supply and installation of equipment, practice management software, a broad range of tasks and considerable planning. As an overview we have listed below the key areas where we can be of assistance.  These services and products are detailed more fully under "How we can help" on the Home Page, and further elaborated upon under the headings Computerised Practices, Multi-Site Practices, Primary Care Teams also on the Home Page.



Practice Planning - (Equipment and Networking)

Networking Infrastructure Supply and Installation

Hardware and Software Supply, Installation & Configuration

Socrates Installation, Training and Go Live

Administration and Maintenance

Administration Training

Site Audit and Improvements

Inter-Site Access

Medical Specific Web Design

Digital Signage Design and Maintenace